Spray for vinyl records
with Microfiber

Quick. Deep.

Quickly makes your record sparklingly clean before playing. Effectively cleans walls of the groove and removes static electricity without damaging the sticker.


You can listen to your favorite record right away.
In a couple of minutes your record regains its
black sheen. No more greasy prints! Wait a 30 seconds
more and a squeaky-clean result is guaranteed. Not only that
- now you have more time to enjoy another album.


Analog Renaissance Microfiber
Textile Fiber

Not every Microfiber cloth is worthy of touching the vinyl from your collection. Tiny fibers of Analog Renaissance Microfiber cloth, included in the spray kit, can sweep through all the grooves, clean their walls, absorb and carry away solution with suspended particles. No trace of dirt, grease or static electricity.

you have to see that sound

DJing is all about fingertips. You can imagine, how bad record’s
surface looks after every set - it’s covered with prints.
When I place record on the turntable it becomes part of my show.
People can see records I’m using. That’s why it’s better
be bright and shiny! Like a damn mirror!

clear the portal
to parallel

Intensive formula of SYNTH2ON spray by Analog Renaissance - one of the best available solutions to ensure that your ADC will get the audio signal of unparalleled quality. It is recommended for use before digitizing the vinyl record or mixtape recording.

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2 280rub.