cleaning liquid for vinyl records

Art of delicate cleaning

Gentle alcohol-free formula of SYNTH2ON allows you to maintain your record collection with special care.

Condition of vinyl records is affected by various factors: heat, ultraviolet radiation, oxygen exposure etc. Often these factors are known to cause polymer decay.

We are eager to save precious records from aggressive chemicals. This is why we do not use alcohol in our detergents. At the same time our unique formula holds up to alcohol-based solutions, showing high cleaning and degreasing properties and quickly evaporates when the job is done.


vinyl before (х250)
vinyl after (х250)
shellac before (х10)
shellac after (х10)
Penetrating formula of SYNTH2ON allows the liquid to reach very bottom of the groove.
It also contains antistatic components, which prevent dust buildup.

More than a clear sound

For me the most important prerequisite for a clear sound is a clean record. Incredible as it may seem, the record, cleaned with SYNTH2ON, retains not only its music, but itself, its physical structure. Speaking about sound - I want it to be material, solid, saturated. I expect to hear additional overtones, dynamics, and low-frequency vibrations. What I don’t want to hear is nois and distortion.

It doesn’t matter “how”. Substance is essential.

Analog Renaissance works great in any vinyl cleaning device: manual, vacuum or ultrasound. Or, you can clean a record by hand. It’s that easy.

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